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Welcome, fellow Aesthetes!

I’m Aru- Student by day, poet by night.

I’m here to put my heart and soul on paper ✨

  • Second Chances
    What happened when I decided to give them a second chance?
  • Remember Me?
    This one’s about when your supposed “friends” start pretending you no longer exist. Apparently, you were never a part of them. Never. You’ve just been living in an illusion, believing everything those manipulative people made you believe. And honestly, it sucks.
  • If I Could
    Only if I could…
  • Silence
    T.W.: Misophonia Just my view on how Misophonia feels like. What a Misophonic person might want.
  • Mess
    T.W.: Implication of Su!c!de Just something I wrote when I was feeling extremely low.
  • Pocket
    In the end, we realise that letting go of the past is the best decision we could ever make.
  • Be A Weed
    A poem asking its readers to be strong, independent and wild and not weak, dependent and restricted.
  • Poem
    What goes through my mind while writing a poem…
  • Thank You
    Sometimes a person can bring back the parts you lost on the way to find them…
  • Love
    A cute little love poem πŸ’–

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